Conway Twitty

I can almost hear the stillness as it yields to the sound of  your heart beating...bum,bum,bum
And I can almost hear the echo to the thoughts that I know you must be thinking..bum,bum,bum
And I can feel your body tremble as you wonder what this moment holds in store...bum,bum,bum
And as I put my arms around you I can tell you 've never been this far before....bum,bum,bum

I don't know wht I'm saying as my trembling fingers touch forbidden places....bum,bum,bum
I only know I've waited for so long for this chance that we are taking...bum,bum,bum
I don't know and I don't care what made you tell me you don't love him anymore....bum,bum,bum
And as I taste your tender kisses, I can tell you've never been this far before....bum,bum,bum

And as I take the love you're giving I can feel the tension building in your mind....bum,bum,bum
And you're wondering if tomorrow I'll still love you like I'm loving you tonight...bum,bum,bum
You have no way of knowing but tonight will only make me love you more...bum,bum,bum
And I hope that you believe me cause I know you've never been this far before...bum,bum,bum